Gynecology is a medical specialty focused on keeping and improving the intimate health of women. For these tasks it is necessary to perform a physical examination that becomes much more intimate than an examination performed in a general examination, and for some patients it can be uncomfortable.

To keep the optimal conditions in this specialty, it is necessary for women to visit their gynecologist frequently, which will help to prevent some disorders and detect on time some diseases like cancer, prolapse, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and infertility; this way both the harm and the reach of these diseases can be reduced, as well as better treated, or in cases of obstetrics, keep an adequate perinatal control.

For the specialist doctor carrying on an adequate physical examination, he or she will need to use certain specialized instruments for the perfect development of its specialty. For this reason, we offer all of the adequate tools for gynecology professionals, composed by a wide selection of products that make up a complete offer with the warranty and safety that the top brands in this sector can offer:Speculums,endocervical brushes,gynecological spatulas,suction cannulae, hysterometers,ultrasound gel,ultrasound probe sheaths,or male condoms.



    Speculums are tools of daily use in gynecology, with the aim of allowing direct observation for the doctor or easing the pass of instruments to the inner cavity.


    The spatula is the most effective tool for collecting cells intended for the cervix analysis.


    The endocervical brush is a device used for cell collection from the cervix channel; it is composed by plastic filaments, placed in a spiral shape, and they are strongly joined to a wire base that prevents their detachment. It is a disposable product.


    The hysterometer is a tool scaled by centimeters, used to measure the uterine cavity. It can be made of metal, plastic or Teflon, and they can be either disposable or not. It is generally used for inserting IUDs, in hysteroscopic surgery and for obstetric curettage.


    Suction curettes are devices that consist of a long pod made of flexible transparent polypropylene of 230±5mm length, with an external diameter of 3 – 3.3mm and inner diameter of 2.45 – 2.6 mm.

    The pod has colored marks for scaling, from 2cm to 12cm from its distal end, to indicate the insertion depth during its use. The pod has four orifices located on the distal end.


    The condom is the most common barrier contraceptive method for men, with a 97% efficacy. It consists of a latex (or other synthetic materials) sheath that is placed on the penis, preventing the pass of seminal fluids and containing it. It also works preventing contagion of sexually transmitted infections like AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis; with an efficiency of 95%. It is extremely recommended due to its safety.


    Sheath for ultrasound probe, made of latex and for single use, non-lubricated, with measures of 180 – 190 mm length, and 52mm diameter. They guarantee the asepsis when performing vaginal ultrasounds.


    Ultrasound gel is a type of conductor required in ultrasound procedures, like 4D ultrasounds, diagnostics and therapies.It is placed over the patient skin at the start of the ultrasound or therapy for moving the transducer over the skin surface covered by the gel.