According to the law 34/2002 of July 11thfor the Services of the Information and E-commerce, SAFADIFARMA Ltd., as owner of the website, informs about its identity data required by the aforementioned law:

Social name: SAFADIFARMA, S.L.

Address: 10 Martinez CubellsSt., Apt 11. Postal Code 46002 Valencia (Spain)

Tax ID number (CIF): B98361322

E-mail address:

Inscription data for the Merchant Registry of Valencia, Tome 9346, Sheet 103, Page V-144311, 1st Inscription.

The current information regulates the conditions of use, liability limitations and obligations that the website users under the domain assume and pledge to respect.



The use of the website grants the condition of website user, either legal or natural person, and implies the complete agreement of every single clause and general condition included in the Legal Warning. If the user does not agree with the clauses and conditions of this Legal Warning, he or she will refrain from using the site. This Legal Warning may be changed or updated, therefore the version published by SAFADIFARMA Ltd. can be different at any time when the user logs in. For this reason, the user must read the Legal Warning any time he or she logs in the site.


Through the website, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. grants the users access and use of several contents published online by SAFADIFARMA Ltd., or by authorized third parties. The user must use the website and its contents according to the current legislation, to the Legal Warning, and to any other warning or instruction offered, either by this Legal Warning or by any other content of the site, also according to the house rules, morals and good practices generally accepted.

To this effect, the user agrees and pledges to NOT to use any content with illegal goals or effects, forbidden by the Legal Warning or by the current legislation, harmful for the rights and interests of third parties, or that can harm, disable, overload, deteriorate or prevent the normal use of the contents themselves, the computer equipment or documents, files and all kind of content stored in any computer equipment owned or hired by SAFADIFARMA Ltd., from other users or any internet user (hardware and software).


The user agrees and pledges to not to transmit, spread or give to third parties any type of content material of the site like information, texts, data, contents, messages, graphics, pictures, sound/image files, recordings, software, logos, brands, icons, technology, links and source codes, or any other data that can be found because of the condition of website user, this list is not limited.

According with the previously exposed, the user cannot:

- Reproduce, copy, distribute, publish, change or modify the contents, unless the user has an explicit written authorization from SAFADIFARMA Ltd., owner of the said rights, or if it is legally allowed.

- Delete, manipulate or in any way alter the “copyright” and other identification data from the reserved rights of SAFADIFARMA Ltd. or its owners, digital fingerprints/identifiers, or any other technical measures stablished for their acknowledgement.


The user must refrain from obtaining or even trying to obtain the contents using different procedures than, according to each case, those made available or are indicated for this effect, in the websites where the contents are shown or, in general, those usually used in Internet for this effect, except if they involve risk of harm or misuse of the website and or its contents.


All the brands, tradenames or distinctive signs of any class that appear in the site are property of SAFADIFARMA Ltd. or, in each case, of third parties that have authorized their use. This does not imply that the use or access to the site and or its contents grants the user any right over the brands, tradenames or distinctive signs, as well as any exploitation rights that exist or may exist for the contents. In the same way, the contents are intellectual property of SAFADIFARMA Ltd., or of third parties if the case, so the rights of intellectual property are owned by SAFADIFARMA Ltd., or third parties that have authorized their use, to whom belong the exclusive exercise of the exploitation rights in any way and, especially, the reproduction, distribution, public communication and modification rights. The non-authorized use of the data content in this website, as well as the harm of the intellectual or industrial property rights of SAFADIFARMA Ltd. or of third parties included in the site that have granted content, will lead to the legally stablished responsibilities. 


Those who wish to stablish hyperlinks between their website and ours must observe and meet the following conditions:

• It will not be necessary to have previous authorization when the hyperlink allows for access only to the homepage, but it will not be able to reproduce it in any way. Any other type of hyperlink will require the stated and unmistakable authorization written by SAFADIFARMA Ltd.

• No “frames” will be created with the website neither about the websites of SAFADIFARMA Ltd.

•There shall not be false, inaccurate or offensive statements about SAFADIFARMA Ltd., its managers, employees or collaborators, or about the persons related with the website for any reason, or about the website users, or about the contents.

• There shall not be stated that SAFADIFARMA Ltd. has authorized the hyperlink or that has managed or assumed in any way the contents offered by the website in which the hyperlink appears.

• The website on which the hyperlink is set can only contain what is strictly necessary for the identification of the hyperlink destination.

• The website on which the hyperlink is set cannot contain illegal content, contrary to the morals and the generally accepted good practices and to the public order; also it cannot contain contents contrary to any third party rights.


SAFADIFARMA Ltd. does not guarantee the lack of interruptions or errors in the access to the site or its contents, neither the contents being updated, but we will work with our best efforts for, in each case, prevent, correct and update them. Therefore, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. does not take responsibility of the damages caused to the user by errors or disconnections in the networks that produce the cessation, cancellation or interruption of the website service during its use or previously. 


SAFADIFARMA Ltd.does not have any responsibility, with the exceptions given by the current legislation, for damages of any type that might be caused by the lack of availability, continuity or performance quality of the website and its contents; and by the lack of utility expected by the users related to the website and its contents.


The role of the hyperlinks that appear in this website is exclusively to inform the user about other websites that may have information about the topic. These hyperlinks do not imply any type of suggestion or recommendation.


SAFADIFARMA Ltd. is not responsible for the contents of the linked websites, their performance or the utility of the hyperlinks or their result, nor guarantees the lack of viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the computing system (hardware and software), the documents or the user files, excluding any responsibility from the damages of any class caused to the user by this reason.

The access to the website does not imply the obligation from SAFADIFARMA Ltd. to control the lack of viruses, bugs or any other harmful computing element. The availability of adequate tools for the detection and elimination of harmful computing software lies in the user, therefore, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. does not take responsibility for the possible security errors that might happen during the use of the website, neither for the possible damages that might be caused to the computing system of the user or a third party (hardware and software) and their stored files and documents, as a consequence of the presence of virus in the user computer that is used for the connection to the contents and services of the website, or of a browser malfunction or use of a non-updated version of the browser. 



Given the dynamic environment of the information and services granted by the website, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. does its best effort, but does not guarantee the full veracity, exactitude, reliability, usefulness or presence of the contents. The information shown in the pages that compose this website only have informative and advisory nature. In any case they do not offer or have a binding or contractual commitment.



SAFADIFARMA Ltd. excludes from any responsibility the decisions that the user might take based on this information, as well as possible typographic errors that the documents and graphics of the site might contain. The information content is subject to possible periodic changes without prior notice by extension, improvement, correction or update.



All notifications and communications from SAFADIFARMA Ltd. to the user, by any means, will be considered effective for all applicable purposes.



The service of the website and its contents are permanent. SAFADIFARMA Ltd., however, is authorized for the termination or suspension of the website service and any of its contents at any time. When it is reasonably possible, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. will previously warn for the termination or suspension of the website.



SAFADIFARMA Ltd. is concerned about the relevance of privacy in personal data, for this reason we have put into practice a data processing policy focused on providing the maximum security in its use and collection, granting the fulfillment of the regulations in force and setting said policy as one of the main pillars of our guidelines. During the navigation through the website is probable to find a personal data request through different forms. The said data will become part of the relevant catalogue according to the concrete purpose that causes its collection. Thus, the particular information of each data treatment will be given with each web form, all under the responsibility of SAFADIFARMA Ltd., located in 10 MartínezCubells, Apt. 11, Postal Code 46002 Valencia (Spain), also responsible for the place and way of exercising the rights of access, amendment, cancellation and opposition, that will have to be formalized with a written communication to the aforementioned address, including a copy of the ID card or an equivalent identity document. In case of the user giving his or her data through an e-mail, the e-mail itself will become part of a catalogue that is used to manage the request or comment to us, being applicable the rest of ends indicated in the previous paragraph.


Likewise, the general conditions for hiring the services of SAFADIFARMA Ltd. contain the characteristics and nature of the data that will be developed by us in case of hiring any service. On the other hand, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. has stablished the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent loss, misuse, modification, non-authorized access and theft of the personal data that the users might supply as a consequence of accessing to different sections of the website, applying the safety measures included in the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, which approves the development regulation of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, for the Personal Data Protection (legal clauses). 



For any question that might come from the interpretation, application and fulfillment of this legal warning, as well as any claim that might result from its use, every intervening party is submitted to the Judges and Courts of Valencia (Spain), expressly resigning from any other law that might affect them.



The legal warning is governed by the Spanish Law. 

All copyrights reserved by the laws and international treaties of intellectual property. It is forbidden its copy, reproduction or diffusion, totally or partially, by any means.


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