Cookies are text files that contain small fragments of information and that are downloaded to the computer when visiting a website. Later in each visit, the cookies are sent to the website that originated them, or to another website that can recognize them. The use of cookies is common because it lets a website to recognize a user device and improve the functionality.

According to the article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002 of July 11th, for Services of Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), SAFADIFARMA Ltd. informs about the cookies used at our website:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those strictly required for the correct performance of a website and the use of the different options and services offered. For example, the ones used for keeping a user logged in, the management in response time, performance or validation of different options, usage of security elements, sharing content on social networks, etc.

Customization cookies

These cookies let the user to specify or customize some characteristics of the general options of the website; for example, setting the language, regional configuration or browser type.

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies are used by our websites for creating navigation profiles and know the user preferences with the goal of improving the offer of products and services. For example, with an analytical cookie it is possible to control the geographic areas with more relevance for the user, which is the most popular product, etc.

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporal cookies that exist while the user is navigating the website, and they are erased after the navigation.

Persistent cookies

These cookies stay stored in the user computer for a longer time, so it makes easy for the website to manage the previously chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time the website is visited.

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies allow for a management of advertising spaces, based on concrete criteria. For example the access frequency, the edited content, etc. The advertising cookies, through the management of advertisements, can store information about the user behavior, studying the accesses and creating a user preference profile, so you can be offered advertisements related with your profile interests.

Third party cookies

SfPharmaplus website can offer services from third parties who, at our request, will compile information with the goal of obtaining statistics, page usage by users, and for granting other services related to the page activity and other internet services. Particularly, the site uses Google Analytics, an analytic web service provided by Google. For providing this service they use cookies that compile information, including IP address, which will be transferred, managed and stored by google, under the terms exposed in their website.


If the user keeps navigating the website, he or she accepts the treatment of the stored information in the way and with the goals that have been previously stated. Likewise, SAFADIFARMA Ltd. informs the user that he or she is able to configure the browser so he or she can be informed about cookie reception, and if wanted, prevent them from being installed in his or her hard drive. We provide you with the links from several browsers, where you will be able to carry on said configuration:


- Mozilla Firefox:

- Google Chrome:

- Microsoft Internet Explorer:

- Safari:

- Opera:


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