Needles are an essential tool for any sanitary profession, it allows for a direct administration of medication or biological agents.

There is a wide spectrum of sanitary utility needles (hypodermic needles, spinal needles, capillary puncture needles…), and their characteristics will vary according to the tasks they were designed for; it is important to recognize them in this matter and know well which is the most adequate for each situation, allowing for a correct technique that results as less traumatic as possible for the patient.

Another important type of needle are theperipheral venous catheters, which, in opposition to the previous ones, are made of plastic with bevel, they are used to administer medication continuously. They also come in different sizes that can be recognized by their color.

In these last cases, as well as for performing transfusions, it is necessary to use transfusion and infusion sets and complements like line extensions,capsto prevent venous return and3 way stopcocks.

The use of needles requires certain safety and hygiene measures. They must be in sealed packages to ensure that they are sterile and have a correct expiring date; also, they must be removed immediately after their use in an adequatesharps container. We also offer with a wide selection of two or three piece syringes, with or without needle.



    A hypodermic needle is a sanitary tool. It is composed by a hollow needle, usually with a syringe to inject substances inside of the body. The hypodermic needles also can be used to take samples of body fluids and tissues.


    We count with a selection of top international brands in spinal needles or epidural needles, guaranteeing maximum safety and efficiency in every procedure.

    Both the spinal anesthesia and epidural anesthesia are widely used in surgery and pain management given their well-documented advantages. The success of anesthetic blockage is tightly linked to a correct material choice.


    Venous catheters are devices used to extract blood and administer a venous therapy. The treatments can be intravenous liquids, medication or blood transfusions.


    Capillary puncture lancets for blood extraction, they are essential for any diabetic patient so it can obtain a blood drop and test glycemia. The blood lancets have been studied to grant an almost painless puncture on the finger, and at the same time extracting an adequate quantity of blood for the test.


    A wide spectrum of extenders with the aim of satisfying any clinical needs; we count with small caliber and micro-caliber tube extenders with different purge volumes depending on the size and length of the tube.


    3 way stopcocks for connecting different lines for parenteral administration. They are made of transparent polycarbonate and carry a valve with a 360° turning ability. The diameter of the passing orifice allows for a very accurate solution administration and pressure monitoring.


    Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is the administration of liquid substances directly into a vein through an infusion set, allowing instant access to the blood stream, commonly named intravenous drip. The intravenous route is one of the most effective routes of administration. Some medication, as well as blood transfusions, can only be applied by this route.


    Luer Lock plugs male and female, with injection ports and bioconnectors without needle. The anti-reflux bioconnector is especially indicated for cases where it is necessary to be active near the catheter and preventing the blood reflux is essential.


    The syringe is used, for example, to inject a liquid into the body, or to evacuate a pleural effusion. The injected liquid can be medication, a vaccine, blood, nourishment…

    The syringes without needle are sterile, for single use, and must be discarded once the injection or puncture has been carried on.


    Sharps containers are an essential item in infirmary and nursing tasks.

    Their correct use prevents professionals from getting accidental punctures. It is a basic safety element to avoid dangerous consequences for patients and personnel. We offer a line of sharps containers, with different volumes depending on your needs.

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