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FFP2 NR black self-filtering mask box...
FFP2 NR black self-filtering mask box...
FFP2 NR black self-filtering mask box...
FFP2 NR black self-filtering mask box...

FFP2 NR black self-filtering mask box of 20 units in individual sachets

FFP2 NR self-filtering disposable mask. Model HC005 Color Black. Sales format in a box of 20 units in unit envelopes.

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JC FFP2 NR self-filtering disposable mask. HC005 Model. Sales format in a 20 units box in single packets.

Their purpose is to prevent contagion by the user, especially important in the case of health professionals, both due to the personal risks to which they are exposed and because of the communal risks that they could cause in the event of becoming asymptomatic patients, being able to act as a source of contagion.
It must be emphasized that the use of any mask —regardless of type— does not imply in any case a total protection against contagion (own or from close people) because none of them protects the eyes, another possible route of entry of the virus. It is very important to repeat and complement the use of masks with the rest of preventive measures, both hygienic and social distancing, which it does not replace.
The FFP2 masks contain a microparticle filter thanks to which they can protect the user against the inhalation of environmental pollutants —in particles or aerosols— such as pathogens, chemical agents, antibiotics, cytostatics, etc.     These FFP2 filter masks as well as the FFP3 will therefore protect the user against COVID-19 infection.

The Spanish Ministry of Health recommends healthcare personnel attending to probable or confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection to wear, as part of their personal protective equipment, an FFP2 mask if available, or if not a surgical mask. In addition, those professionals involved in medical procedures that generate aerosols (any procedure on the airway, such as tracheal intubation, bronchoalveolar lavage, or manual ventilation), should preferably use a high-efficiency FFP3 mask if available; otherwise, an FFP2 mask should be used. (Source: General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges, SEMFYC, Ministry of Health, Spain).

It complies with the EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and is CE certified by the notified body 0161 (AITEX).
These masks are III PPE category according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Notified body 0370 APPLUS with test number 0370-4390-PPE / B.

They comply with the Basic Safety Requirements specified in 10 and 11B articles of the European Community Directive 89/686 (transposed in Spain to R.D. 1407/1992).
Dimensions: 155x105 mm Brand: JY Model: HC005 With elastic adjustment to the ears. Not reusable. Lifetime: a working day of approximately 8 hours.
Manufacturer: Zhejiang Huilcheng Household products Co. Ltd.
Composition: These masks are made up of 5 layers with the following materials:

- First layer (surface): 100% Polyester fiber.

- Second layer: 100% ES fiber. Large particle filter: filtering materials punched by polyester fiber needle by thermal system.

- Third layer: 100% PTFE. Filter 1: polypropylene filtering material melt blown (25g) with static electricity.

- Fourth layer: 100% polypropylene. Filter 2: polypropylene filtering material melt blown (25g) with static electricity

- Fifth layer (inner): 100% spunbond polypropylene non-woven fabric.

   Rubber bands or straps fit over the ears and are composed of a braided spandex link.

   Nasal adjustment is by means of an internal clip composed of an aluminum strip.

Latex free materials.
Classification: FFP2 NR

Storage conditions:

Temperature (-30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃), humidity (< 80%), avoid direct sun.
Advantages of this model: - Solid 3D design. - Filtration rate higher than 95%. - Low resistance to breathing with high filtration efficiency. - Do not irritate the skin, they absorb water and are comfortable and soft. - Cotton electrostatic filtration of high efficiency PM 2.5. - Anatomical design. - Packaged in individual packets to avoid cross contamination.

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