Hygiene comprehends all those techniques and knowledge intended for the control of agents that are potentially harmful for health, its main goal is the correct microorganism removal.

It is highly important for all these measures and the different techniques they imply to be of daily application in all fields, and especially in the laboratory and hospital environments where these measures are highly strict.

For daily hygiene, a hand wash with water and soap orhydroalcoholic gelis enough. In other cases like prior to invasive procedures, before and after contact with surgical wounds, or before contact with susceptible patients; asurgical scrub brushmust be used on hands, forearms and nails, as well as using some antiseptic likealcohol 70%, povidone iodine, or alcohol iodine 0.5%.

We offer to you products likehydrogen peroxide, essential in any first aid kit;alcohol 96° and 70°; chlorhexidinein different formats; povidone iodine;surgical scrub brushes;diapersof the top quality in the market for babies and for adult incontinence; soaker padsthat are greatly useful for the bedridden patient;bed paper towelsand hand drying paperof the purest cellulose.



    Hydrogen peroxide, also known as water peroxide, is a very useful antiseptic that has been used since 1908 due to its effectiveness, little side effects and low cost. It is a key element in any first aid kit.


    Ethyl alcohol 96° and 70° are an alternative for skin antisepsis in patients who are sensitive to iodine.

    Both alcohols are fast bactericides against vegetative forms of bacteria, tuberculicides, fungicides and virucides, but they do not destroy the bacterial spores. Both alcohols dry the skin, harm the epithelium and cause burning feeling when applied over open wounds. Several studies proved that it is able to reduce more than 98.5% of the microbial concentration on the hands skin.


    Brushes for surgical wash are extremely useful when reducing the infection rates related to sanitary attention. It has advanced active formulas against germs, fungus and viruses.

    We offer the lightest surgical brushes for a maximum flexibility, comfort and soft washing action. They are fast acting: 3 minutes for surgical disinfection on hands without risk of irritation.


    Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic especially effective against bacteria and fungus. It is a very spread product in all the world, so much that it is included in the list of Essential Medicines by the World Health Organization. It inhibits the bacterial and fungal growth on living tissue, like the skin or a wound; it is also frequently used as solution for mouth hygiene.


    Hydroalcoholic gel is a product for use on healthy skin, especially for the washing and disinfection of hands without needing to clear with water afterwards.

    It is useful in all those fields where a high hygiene is required: food industry, hospitals, hotels, fitness centers, pools, etc. It is highly sanitizing.


    Povidone iodine is a product that has become one of the essential items of any home medicine cabinet. Easily recognizable for its brown color that turns yellow when applied. It is useful to remove harmful microorganisms from the mucous membranes and the skin, as well as preventing their invasion into the organism through open wounds, or their transfer to other people or the environment.


    Disposable diapers both for children and for adult made of several cellulose layers filled by a super absorbent polymer that drains and retains the fluids, and an outer waterproof layer made of polyethylene that holds back the fluids and lets vapors to pass. They count with elastic bands on sides that adapt to the legs and Velcro (or adhesive) closures on the waist zone. They are the most popular nowadays due to the comfort they offer.


    Disposable soaker pads are very useful in cares of patients under temporal situations or for occasional cures. They are very useful for bedridden patients or for those with movement limitations that suffer from incontinence. They are composed by three layers:

    - Inner layer: Made by nonwoven fabric, filtering and hydrophilic material (it absorbs moisture and holds it). It must be made of a soft and comfortable fabric.

    - Medium layer: Made by a material with high absorption capacity. The absorbents of the soaker pads are made of cellulose pulp, usually combined with a super absorbent polymer which, when in contact with urine and other saline body fluids like sweat, absorbs and holds it, turning into a gel.

    - Outer layer: Is the waterproof layer that prevents the pass of moisture. Usually it is made of plastic materials like polyethylene.


    The hand drying paper is made of raw fresh fiber with high absorption capacity, good resistance when moist to prevent tearings and residues like fluffs. It is important for it to be soft, reaching products with a magnificent touch feel.


    Bed towel rolls keep beds clean between patient and patient. Since it is made of paper, the rolls have the capacity of absorbing fluids used in different treatments and therapies, making the tasks much cleaner and more hygienic. Usually made of cellulose.