Laboratory tests are a greatly useful tool to stablish a correct diagnostic and consequently plan the most adequate treatment; the choice of the sample tube is essential for the extraction process, storage and transport to the lab to offer the most correct result possible.

Vacutainer tubes from BD are specially designed to ease the sample handling; they are the perfect tool for a correct result. The blood is extracted by vacuum through a soft plastic cap, easy to pierce with a needle, which allows for a quick and clean sample collection. This way there is a lower risk of pollution for the sample and the number of wasted samples shrinks.

The tubes are made of transparent plastic or glass; they have a warranty seal and are scaled, which eases to limit the necessary quantity of the sample to fill each one.

To ease the sample handling, these tubes are classified with different colors according to the presence or absence of additives, this color system is standard for every manufacturer.



    Tube with anticoagulant citrate, used mainly to test the blood clotting mechanism, it carries a turquoise color cap.

    The tube is filled with a buffer solution of trisodium citrate; concentrations of 0.109mol/l or 0.105mol/l (3.2%) are both available. The choice on concentration depends on the policy of each laboratory.


    The EDTA tube is widely used in clinical hematology, as well as in other different kinds of blood analyzers. K2 EDTA or K3 EDTA is used as anticoagulant. It carries a purple colored cap. This tube is used in total blood tests and hematology tests. Our EDTA tube can be used in testers directly, covered by its cap.


    The SST or SST II blood tube (serum separation tube) is specific for those samples that require serum. It has yellow colored cap.

    It has a separating gel that allows for an easier separation of the serum from the globular package, as well as preventing the creation of fibrin. This type of tubes is used for clinical chemistry tests.


    The lithium heparin tube is used in blood extraction and anticoagulation. It has green colored cap.

    It is coated with lithium heparin or sodium heparin. The anticoagulant heparin activates antithrombin, blocking the clotting cascade and generating a plasma / blood for samples instead of a clotted blood with serum. The tube guarantees that, through its special mechanism, most of the plasma indicators can be repeated in 6 hours, especially for the most sensible tests like AST, ALT, TBIL, DBIL and GGT.


    With a red, non-silicone cap, they are sterile and additive free. In contrast to the previous tubes, this one allows the blood clotting, so the serum can be isolated for its analysis; this tool is used in serological tests, gynecological profile, thyroid profile, lipid profile, and tests of hepatic functionality and tumor markers.


    Safety valve for automatic retraction for extraction of venous blood by vacuum system.

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