Surgical covers or surgical drapes are tools that cover the areas which might have a risk of being polluted and that are used to prepare correctly any kind of surgical procedure, protecting both the patient and the health professionals from possible infections caused by several agents, and creating a sterile zone around the incision area, which prevents the migration of bacteria and germs, and which also prevents contact with the fluids from the patient.

The main factors to decide the quality of surgical covers are the following:

Be waterproof and fluid control.

Have trustful adherence and resistant texture.

Have antimicrobial sterile surface.

There are several models and shapes for surgical cover depending on the characteristics of the procedure, like ophthalmologic surgical drapes, designed for eye surgery.

In conclusion, an adequate surgical cover plays a very important role in the surgical asepsis and it is advisable for all surgical procedures.

No we do also offer a universal set with sheath for Mayo table, used for covering the working tables where the necessary surgical equipment will be placed.



    They are surgical covers made of plastic, in this section we see two types.

    Incision drapes are made of auto adhesive plastic, which is placed over the zone where the incision will be performed after the surgical preparation of the skin, the name is because the incision is performed directly over the drape, which allows for a much better delimitation of the area that is going to be worked on, in addition to greatly reducing the risk of pollution.

    The barrier or insulating drapes are made of plastic and grant auto adhesive abilities only in their edges. They are often used to separate the vagina from the anus in gynecological procedures.


    They are fenestrated or windowed covers that have an opening designed to expose the surgical place. They are designed for eye surgery and other special surgical procedures when the use of common surgical drapes becomes difficult.

    They are available in several sizes, since depending on the characteristics of the surgery, the drape can be extended to the sides of the operating table, therefore increasing the sterile zone.


    Mayo table, also known as auxiliary table or surgical table is one of the elements of an operating theater, where the surgical equipment that will be used in the first steps of the surgery is placed on (E.g. scalpels, scissors, tweezers, etc.).

    For covering the Mayo table, the covers set for Mayo table with sheath helps in keeping asepsis of the tools that will directly contact the patient, maximizing hygiene and reducing the risk of infection.