For reusing the surgical material of critical use, clean it from microorganisms and keep it sterile, it must be sterilized through strict physical and chemical procedures with sterilizing agents in machines called autoclaves, through which it must be kept in packages made of specialized material. These packages are made of medical grade paper. This paper, in addition to being compatible with every sterilization method, must have the following characteristics: be permeable to the sterilizing agent and the air, impermeable to substances that might carry bacteria, be resistant to pressure changes, prevent or reduce breakages during the sterilization process, be nontoxic and ecological, not produce fluffs and leftovers, and create a trustful biological barrier.

For a perfect sterilization of medical instruments, we offer a wide selection of sterilizing paper. We offer plain paper and paper with bellows, in different formats and sizes. All of them with chemical indicators that guarantee the optimal conditions for using the medical instruments again. Also, we offer embossed paper, used to wrap surgical trays and make packages, working also as a sterile drape.



    The plain mixed sterilizing paper is one of the proved effective measures in the sterilization of surgical materials. They are presented in plain mixed sterilizing paper rolls.


    The mixed sterilizing paper with bellows is one of the proved effective measures in the sterilization of surgical materials. A good use helps to prevent risks like cross infections or instrument deterioration. They are presented in mixed sterilizing paper rolls with a small bellows in the paper surface that separates the different layers of the roll.