Medical clothing and uniforms for professionals and patients.

We offer medical gowns for surgeon, surgical caps for surgeon, disposable medical clothing and protection clothing. We also offer several models of disposable masks and disposable shoe covers for every medical environment.



    We have a broad selection of disposable medical gowns for patients, also named surgical gowns, they are usually disposable. They are frequently used in several sectors like food industry, aesthetic clinics and hairdressing centers, and of course any sanitary environment.


    The medical surgery gowns can effectively insulate bacteria and other factors that cause infections during surgery, experimentation or research, and they can also protect patients from a reinfection. They are made of breathable materials for medical use, a product that provides an amazing comfort and freshness, so the user can feel calmer and safer when working. We also offer protection gowns from 3M, more resistant.

  • MASK

    The surgical disposable mask is a mouth and nose protector and fluid repellent, it offers great protection and prevents punctures and breakages. Its BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) reaches 99.7% and the PFE (particle filtration efficiency) reaches 98.5%.


    Surgical caps are used by doctors, dentists and veterinaries as a protection and insulating apparel. Their goal is to cover hair completely, without causing a hassle for the user or hinder the field of view of the user.


    The standard disposable shoe cover is used to keep clean shoes and prevent the pollution of sanitary or research zones with the possible infectious agents that accumulate in shoes. It offers great advantages, like an excellent air permeability, high fluid repellence, and high resistance to abrasion and particle matter.  In addition, it has an elastic band on the ankle zone that fits to shoes of different sizes. It is made of polypropylene.