A wound is defined as an injury to living tissue, typically one which cuts or breaks the skin, and exposes the patient to any kind of infection. Also, depending on the placement and the severity of the wound, an infection can cause possible injuries to organs and adjacent tissues.

We offer a wide spectrum of top quality products for all kind of wounds, either superficial wounds, deep wounds or postoperative wounds: cotton, bandages, gauzes, adhesive tape, dressings and adhesive skin sutures.



    Medical cotton is mainly used in sanitary and surgical environments to prevent and stop injury bleeding and small punctures like the ones caused by injections. Nowadays, medical cotton rolls are replacing the traditional cotton balls, since the former are much easier to use and are more absorbent than gauzes.


    The sterile cotton gauzes are made of 100% absorbent cotton. This cotton is made of 17, 20 or more threads, according to the customer needs. The folded sterile gauzes are woven with thin mesh, bleached with high temperature.


    Adhesive tape is a tape made of cloth or plastic that has an adhesive side and is used to hold and secure bandages. It is an essential component of any first aid kit.

    It is important for it to have a good impermeability and let the air and humidity to pass through. It is also convenient for it to be hypoallergenic, permeable to radiation, resistant to extreme temperatures and aging, and with a good adhesive strength. The adhesive tapes are subject to the requirements of the regulation ASTM PSTC/6.


    These are sterile adhesive strips suitable for closing surface wounds or cuts, keeping the skin edges joined. It is easy to apply and easy to remove, and its adhesive is hypoallergenic. It works as an additional reinforcement with staples or after their removal.


    Bandages are a very frequently used product in medical environments; they are used for treating wounds, hemorrhages, contusions, sprains, dislocations and fractures.

    There are different types of bandages. Amongst the most common we can find cohesive bandages, to stop hemorrhages, boost tissue fluid absorption and prevent their loss; tubular bandages, to limit the limb or joint movements in cases of dislocation, sprain or fracture, hold healing products, keep heat and grant protection; and correction bandages: to immobilize a body part and correct deformities.


    Dressings can insulate, protect and optimize the healing process.

    An adequate dressing is able to grant an optimum environment that keeps the basic physiological principles of humidity, heat, oxygenation and blood flow. They have several uses like healing burns, sores, wounds, hydrocellular treatments…  There are also absorbent adhesive dressings.