Orthopedics is a medical specialty focused on prevention, correction or reparation of alterations or deformities in the musculoskeletal system.

Orthoses are devices especially designed to treat several pathologies, the most common are those used on upper and lower limbs (gypsum, bandages, splints and other more complex devices). Doctors specialized in orthopedics prescribe the use of orthoses in cases where the patient suffers from pain, claudication, articular instability, alteration on motion functionality, risk of falling and immobility.

Anyone might need the use of one of these devices at some point in their lives to correct some health problem or reduce the consequences caused by an injury; it is also necessary for the elderly that, due to the natural weathering, can suffer from joint problems or pathological conditions and require for a support to make their lives more comfortable. We offer products like orthopedic crutchesfor every user, adults and children, as well as support canes and rehabilitation canes for continuous use.

Relieving pain is one of the main goals in traumatology and rehabilitation. The suppression or reduction of the most uncomfortable symptoms like swelling and pain can be treated with thermotherapy and cryotherapy.



    Orthopedic crutches are devices used for assisting the lower limbs in cases when walking requires additional support. They are the most common orthoses used when the patient suffers any kind of disability for walking due to injury or rehabilitation.


    Cryotherapy is a set of procedures that use cold temperature as a medical therapy. It differs from hypothermia because the latter reduces the central temperature of the organism, while cryotherapy reduces the peripheral temperature and usually it is short lasting.

    The cold stimulus reduces heat from the body, granting a calming effect on swelling processes caused by multiple factors. The comfortable treatments with hot & cold bags and instant cold bags ease the application of cryotherapy in any place and situation.